Punjabi Diwali

"Diwali Mubarkan" Punjabi Mitra. Happy Diwali Pics in Gurumukhi and Punjabi. Punjab Celebrates Diwali In Its Own Unique Way. Gaiety and merriment is so innate to Punjab that it is only natural that even Diwali is going to be very special in Punjab.

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May the joy, cheer, Mirth and merriment Of this divine festival Surround you forever. May the happiness, That this season brings Brighten your life And, hope the year Brings you luck and Fulfills all your dearest dreams!
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Aapke life mein Mithaas ho “Cadbury” Jaisy Rounak ho “Asian Paints” Jaise Mehak ho “Axe” jaise Tazgi ho “Colgate” Jaisy Aur tension-free rahe“Huggies” Jaisy.
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