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Music is present in all cultures, and it appears to be very deep rooted in the human psyche. Just like old friends, people can remember song lyrics from decades ago without any effort. So make this friendship day special by wishing your friends a very happy friendship day with some unforgettable music.If u wish to check the song with a particular card plz. press the (►) button to start it playing.

Bollywood Funny Rakhi Scraps

If you love to celebrate Rakshan Bandhan with a fun filled attitude, explore our unique and wide collection of funny we are celebrating rakhi with funny Bollywood rakhi Sawant, Bipasha basu, deepika padukone and priyanka chopra and katrina kaif

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Hey! It's Raksha Bandhan! Time to have lots of fun....send these funny images to your friends and make them laugh. Funny shayari on rakhi to tease friends.

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Here we are providing funny friendship shayari...share it with your friends.

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Happy Friendship Day Comments - 2

Major crowd for Friendship Day can be seen in discotheques and pubs where people dance with friends on fast pace music and cherish the loving company of their pals. Such parties also give youth a chance to make new friends and widen their friendship circle. At present such bashes are more popular in metros and other big cities, however, youth in small towns too are warming up to the idea of partying on Friendship Day.

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At times we get so busy in our daily lives that we start taking our friends for granted. It is the annual celebration of Friendship Day that reminds us that we must cherish the presence of friends in our lives and acknowledge with love the important role they play in our lives. One must therefore celebrate friendship on Friendship Day to the fullest and let their friendship soar to newer heights.

Orkut Friendship Day Scraps

Friendship day is the right occasion to celebrate your friendship.Send these friendship day images to your friends and celebrate the spirit of friendship day. This day is celebrated in honor of friends who make our lives so special and help us give a meaningful direction to our lives. On Friendship Day people must pay sincerest tribute to friends, both old and new, and appreciate the important role played by them in shaping their lives.

Orkut Funny Nag Panchami Scraps

On Nag Panchami people go to temples and snake pits and worship the snakes. They offer milk and silver snake to protect them from all evils. They also fast. This festival is to celebrate the day Lord Krishna defeated the serpent Kalia.

Orkut Nag Panchami Scraps

Naga Panchami is celebrated by Hindus in most parts of India. It is celebrated on Panchami in Shravan month. This festival is to celebrate the day Lord Krishna defeated the serpent Kalia.

Click here 4 Funny Nagpanchami

Click here 4 Funny Nagpanchami

Orkut Sania Mirza Scraps

Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza is all set to get engagement with family friend Sohrab Mirza here today. Sania Mirza whos fem is no less then Bollywood star is the tennis icon of India. She is more famous for her sensual image then her game.

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Orkut Funny Love Scraps

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. Isn't it funny. Well make your loved one laugh out loud as they receive one of our funny romantic images. It's good for the heart !

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