Romance In Classrooms

Remembering my classmates, after few years, My eyes were filled with tears,
Everyone is busy a lot, No one escaped destiny's plot,
Saw the girl, whom once I thought as my best friend,
Oops! Today she is some body else's girl friend,
After months remembered about her for a little while,
Heard she is happy, that made me smile,

Romance ka ek period hona chahiye...
Romance In Clessroom

We want romance period love and dance period maana ke college mein padhana chaahiye padhana chaahiye likhana chaahiye romance ka bhi ek lecture hona chaahiye jo ho romance period, love and dance period
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pyaar muhabbat ka subject ho sabke liye zaroori, har college mein dilwaalon ke beech na ho koi duuri, pyaar bina na ho sakti hai kabhi padhaai puuri, dil dena chaahiye dil lagana chaahiye,
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Mai meri tanhai aksar ye baatein karte hai...tum hoti to aisa hota...tum hoti to vaisa hota..aur agar tun na hoti to mai har EXAM me pass hota..
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Behind every successful student there is one girlfriend...and behind many failed student...A beautiful be careful.
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