The Planet Orkut

[You can use the images in your email, forums etc.also]

Be More Net Social

Here you will find images for every occasion. You can use these images to scrap your Orkut friends or email them to anybody.
See here to learn how to insert (and not attach) images in emails.

Scrap With Animated Images

Use this animated collection of images to reflect your very thoughts while scrapping your orkut friends.

Express Your Emotions With Orkut Scraps

Use this extensive collection of quotes, funny one liners etc. for scrapping to your Orkut friends.

Are you looking for some thing special like your - name, city, college, astro sign etc. to be animated and glittering - please visit our Orkut community and let us know, and we will get it done and let u know!! Click here

Orkut Scrapping With Style

Now be a face in the crowd, use this flexible utility to be a colorful orkutter

Anonymous Orkut Surfing
Anonymous Orkut Surfing

See how to visit fellow Orkutters' profile anonymously.

The Man Orkut

Get some facts about the man who created Orkut. Go into his dreams while he was still at Stanford.